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Docusate Sodium STOOL SOFTENER DOCQLACE - 100 Softgels
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Docusate Sodium STOOL SOFTENER DOCQLACE - 100 Softgels

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COMPARE TO Colace, Stool Softener. INDICATIONS: Useful as a stool softener and wetting agent for the temporary relief of constipation. Helps keep stool soft for easy and natural evacuation. Docusate Sodium and Docusate Calcium Docusate is an emollient laxative that is commonly called Stool Softener. Stool Softeners help to mix liquids into the stool and prevent dry hard masses. The lubricant effect makes stools easier to pass. Results usually occur within twenty four to seventy two hours. Evacuation is softened stools. Contraindications. Stool Softener Precautions. Do not take with Mineral Oil. Concurrent use with mineral oil may cause increased absorption of mineral oil and result in the formation of tumor-like deposits in tissues. Do not take danthron, mineral oil or phenolphthalein with docusate. The propensity for toxic effects is greatly increased. Liver injury has been reported with the danthron combination following repeated dosage. Each Softgel Contains: Docusate Sodium..........100 mg

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